Thursday, March 25, 2010

cien años de soledad-entry 3

A little late on this write up! This flu season just doesn’t go away!!
The last few chapters of Cien Años de Soledad was really what got me intrigued and interested how the novel will ultimately end. I was not particularly interested in the part of the readings where the family relations that were occurring were within the Buendia family. Also, the mention of the devastation by the read ants kind of threw a twist that did not make a whole lot of sense. I read it over a few times to try to understand its meaning as I determined that they were being plagued with a curse of misfortune. Their indecent relations had also resulted in a child (Aureliano III) that was born with a pig’s tail. The integrity of family seems to fall apart at this point. As the last surviving members I suppose Aureliano and Úrsula have to find a way to survive and keep the Buendía name alive within Macondo which has now become desolate. It is interesting to see the futile attempts they are doing as the town does not have a favorable destiny as the end of the book ends up showing us. As the family has reached an ultimate end in its existence so to has the town of Macondo almost as a reflection of each other. All of this seems to suggest, at least to Aureliano II that their end is near and has the chance to determine the prophecies that were unfortunately understood a little too late. Along these lines the importance of time, as mentioned in class, is that it has come around bringing with it the past and the present which ties in the prophecies which has lead us to this point. It is an interesting perspective that Marquez suggests that eventually a family, like the Buendia’s and its history can die out over time. In a way, it is destined to end itself.

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  1. I agree that the destruction by the red ants is kind of random. While we see all these bugs trying to enter the house, and then Ursula fighting them off, and then Santa Sofia and then Fernanda and then Amaranta Ursula, but they all fail. I wonder if that is supposed to be symbolic of something. Or the fact that the red ants eat the last Buendia. Which is definitely random. Hahaha.