Monday, March 15, 2010

cien años de soledad-entry 2

As I have now began to get organized in understanding better the breakdown of the characters and what there roles are I am now in line with where the class was about a week ago! At first it was difficult to determine the characters as they have many of the same names and to later understand the breakdown of generations and determining the family descendents and their roles I followed it better. I enjoyed reading the book so far because of the imagination of Marquez mixing with the history and the magical. What I have noticed so far is that Marquez has combined accurate, or realistic, accounts with the magical. By blending these two together is has created an enjoyable read which really keeps curious of how each Buendia generation contributes to the story and their interesting backgrounds. The uniqueness of the characters is what really drew me in and I was always curious about how their personal stories would go. The idea to come in and out of reality as I would read along made it an interesting writing style and it felt as though the Marquez was letting the story challenge itself by allowing it to venture off, back and forth, from real to magical as if to give it its own life and the story would play with its freedom to go and invent itself. The magic kind of developing out of situations in the daily life of the characters and the scenarios.


  1. Again, a little short and vague... can you give more specific examples of what you are saying here?

  2. I agree with the confusion with the characters naming thats just a cruel joke to the reader having so many characters all named the same makes stuff confusing

  3. I agree that the characters are confusing and unique at the same time, the family name keeps the generations cyclical whereas the authors use of magical realism keeps the characters in general unique from those of all other books.