Thursday, March 25, 2010

cien años de soledad-entry 3

A little late on this write up! This flu season just doesn’t go away!!
The last few chapters of Cien Años de Soledad was really what got me intrigued and interested how the novel will ultimately end. I was not particularly interested in the part of the readings where the family relations that were occurring were within the Buendia family. Also, the mention of the devastation by the read ants kind of threw a twist that did not make a whole lot of sense. I read it over a few times to try to understand its meaning as I determined that they were being plagued with a curse of misfortune. Their indecent relations had also resulted in a child (Aureliano III) that was born with a pig’s tail. The integrity of family seems to fall apart at this point. As the last surviving members I suppose Aureliano and Úrsula have to find a way to survive and keep the Buendía name alive within Macondo which has now become desolate. It is interesting to see the futile attempts they are doing as the town does not have a favorable destiny as the end of the book ends up showing us. As the family has reached an ultimate end in its existence so to has the town of Macondo almost as a reflection of each other. All of this seems to suggest, at least to Aureliano II that their end is near and has the chance to determine the prophecies that were unfortunately understood a little too late. Along these lines the importance of time, as mentioned in class, is that it has come around bringing with it the past and the present which ties in the prophecies which has lead us to this point. It is an interesting perspective that Marquez suggests that eventually a family, like the Buendia’s and its history can die out over time. In a way, it is destined to end itself.

Monday, March 15, 2010

cien años de soledad-entry 2

As I have now began to get organized in understanding better the breakdown of the characters and what there roles are I am now in line with where the class was about a week ago! At first it was difficult to determine the characters as they have many of the same names and to later understand the breakdown of generations and determining the family descendents and their roles I followed it better. I enjoyed reading the book so far because of the imagination of Marquez mixing with the history and the magical. What I have noticed so far is that Marquez has combined accurate, or realistic, accounts with the magical. By blending these two together is has created an enjoyable read which really keeps curious of how each Buendia generation contributes to the story and their interesting backgrounds. The uniqueness of the characters is what really drew me in and I was always curious about how their personal stories would go. The idea to come in and out of reality as I would read along made it an interesting writing style and it felt as though the Marquez was letting the story challenge itself by allowing it to venture off, back and forth, from real to magical as if to give it its own life and the story would play with its freedom to go and invent itself. The magic kind of developing out of situations in the daily life of the characters and the scenarios.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

cien años de soledad-entry 1

I have found Cien Años de Soledad a bit difficult to read as I have had to go over a few passages on numerous occasions. I remember reading the English version many years ago so I have that to refer to but the read is going a little slower hence the late entry. I found the reading to be a little mysterious as details are not presented in clarity. There is a certain aspect that the author García Márquez is attempting to reveal all in due time which I find interesting. The characteristics of magical realism that I found so far to be used are the exaggerations that Márquez uses in his writing. Some of which have been a little incredible compared to others. You know it is a good book when you spend long hours reading it before you put it down and there are some late nights during the reading break where I found myself into the early mornings. And it didn’t help when I spent most of my time with the throngs of people in Vancouver and Whistler during the Olympics. There is so much going on with a variety of characters that I have to really stay close to the details or I will miss the order of what is happening to each person. In comparing to the two versions of English and Spanish I have found that the vocabulary is definitely fancier literature than how it is translated. Reading certain passages in Spanish made no sense and I had to compare it to the English text which in most cases I was definitely way off the translation. But as I slowly progress I am getting use to the process and getting everything to flow a little better. As in our previous readings the level and quality of literature slowly advances to the more difficult and at the same time the magical realism is being presented in a different light and entering into greater depths of the genre. The characteristics of magical realism that I found so far to be used are the exaggerations that Márquez uses in his writing. Some of which have been a little incredible compared to others.