Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Leyendas II

The first half of Asturias' Guatemala was very enjoyable to read. It helped lead me into his mind and understand what he was trying to convey. With the use of colorful and poetic words and phrases he was able to really draw me into his narration of his description of nature, wildlife and forests. The first part of the readings served as an introduction of the supernatural surroundings as he viewed them which then lead into the second half which was the Leyendas. This section is what really began to draw me further into his narration and trying to interpret the stories he was writing of essentially the beginnings of the civilization and cultures. Although it was a little difficult at times to follow the meanings of the terminology that was being used, I was able to get the underlying feeling and direction of where Asturias was trying to make me see and feel. The Leyenda del volcán was the one which I really enjoyed and had me curious on what Asturias was trying to explain. I initially felt that the water, which represented the arriving visitors (possibly Los Conquistadores), was pushing or invading onto land and the forest, which represented the native vegetation (or indigenous) were being forced up the mountains towards the volcano which was about the abrupt. Reading the line 'La selva continuaba hacia el volcán hinchada..' (33) I felt it was symbolizing that the end was near for the existence of the people and that the tension and destruction was being represented right up to the end. But as "el volcán apagaba.." the end did not arrive as Nido, I felt represented the surviving spirit of the people which as continued until today.

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  1. I enjoyed your reading of the Leyenda del volcan. Especially the symbolism of the Conquistadores represented by the water rushing and invading the land, forcing the native people out of their homes and villages.