Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I found it very fascinating and intriguing reading Asturias as it really captured my imagination. With the use of colorful and poetic words and phrases he was able to really draw me into his narration of his description of nature, wildlife and forests. Although it was a little difficult at times to follow the meanings of the terminology that was being used, I was able to get the underlying feeling and direction of where Asturias was trying to make me see and feel.
At first the description of the royal rituals and mention of the cities of the conquistadores was leading to believe that there was more of a historical significance to his writing. But it was not the case. With in depth perceptions and the feeling of being within nature and the ability of writing to make you surrounded magically within his world was really what was at the center of his Leyendas.
One quote that really stood out for me and really had me really interested was when he wrote ‘El tropico es el sexo de la tierra’. In a way he describes the earth as being alive with desires and tries to express this in a way that everyone can relate to and understand.

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  1. It's cool that you related to the line about 'El tropico es el sexo de la tierra', because that line also had an impact for me. I identify the Earth as a living, breathing entity, fragile but strong, emotional. Earth has areas that maybe we can call "errogenous zones" like along the equator. After reading that line I now feel like I have a closer, personal relationship with the earth, like a mother/son relationship (isn't this damn obvious? why does it seem like we are oblivious to this incrediblly beautiful womb that nurtures us?!)